Fast Growing Trees

Fast growing trees are varieties of trees that demonstrate a faster typical growth pattern than other trees. These trees often prove popular with gardeners who want to use trees as shelter, wind breaks, screens or borders in their garden as they do not take as long to grow to a reasonable height as many other trees. Some fast growing trees can grow up to 10 feet in one year which can be useful for these purposes.

There are various kinds of fast growing trees. These include:

In most cases people will plant fast growing trees themselves in areas where they need maximum coverage as they are prepared to wait for the tree(s) to grow to the required height(s). In other cases some people may need to get hold of mature fast growing trees with less time to wait so may talk to a specialist nursery with a view to transplanting a ready grown tree/shrub screen or a mature tree/set of trees instead for speed.

It is worth remembering that even a fast growing species of tree may not grow so well if it is not taken care of and maintained correctly. So, it is important to make sure that you follow any instructions or guidelines that you are given here.